Where community meets privacy

Build it in Bogotá

Welcome to 'Build it in Bogotá'—a unique blend of community, creativity, and privacy in Colombia's vibrant capital. Located just a block from Parque El Virrey, in the most exclusive neighborhood, our 6200 sqft apartment offers seven bedrooms designed for safety, privacy, and connection.

Dive into a world where solitude meets social interaction, ideas thrive, and dreams soar. Our weekly events range from kitchen nights to yoga mornings, perfect for fostering new passions and connections. Whether starting a business, advancing a project, or embarking on a new chapter of life, our co-living space is your springboard for growth and innovation. Experience the future of living in Bogotá's heart.


Live, work and make new friends in the same place.


Easy contracts, no need of co-signers, monthly rentals.

Comfort & Style

Amazing design, hotel quality beds and linen with all the amenities included.

Weekly Events

Get to know travelers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs & more. Enjoy weekly events where new friends will become your new family.

Exclusive Location

Discover unparalleled luxury and convenience nestled next to the iconic Parque el Virrey in Bogotá

Common areas

Standard bedrooms

Premium bedrooms




$964 USD



$1.087 USD


Water supply, electricity, gas, 2 wifi networks, 500 MB each.


Toilet paper, napkins, kitchen towels, dish washer soap.

& cleaning fee included. Rates are based on single occupancy, with a 15% increase for double occupancy

Strategic Location in an Exclusive Area of Bogotá

We are centrally located in one of the safest neighborhoods in Bogotá, within walking distance of supermarkets, malls, the best restaurants of the city, parks, hospitals, gyms, pharmacies, and currency exchanges.